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Sonja L.

My pictures turned out great, thanks again! I never had such a hard time picking, because they're all good. My photo shoot with Ken was by far the best I've ever had. The shoot was fun and relaxed and I for once got exactly what I asked for. I am usually scared to look at my pictures when I get them back, because I know, I'll have a hard time finding a few good ones. This time, I couldn't find one bad one. I'm glad I finally found my photographer and I would recommend Ken to anyone!


Justin W.

Ken -- What a pleasure and honor it was to shoot with the master today! :) You were wonderful, flexible, and fun. I really enjoyed our shoot and I'm so excited to see the shots. Thank you again for being so fun and easygoing today! I hope you Are able to use some of the shots for your own portfolio as well.

Alisa V.

Thank you so much for the wonderful photos. I love the lighting and am so thrilled with the results! You are so very talented and I've told everyone I can think of about you.


Theresa B.

Ken is a joy to work with because he makes the actual shoot so easy. He gets a great picture without making you feel like you're working at all. For an author like me, who spends more time in front of a laptop than a camera, Ken's laid back, yet skillful manner, makes him a fabulous photographer. The pictures are soooo good, but I did narrow it down to 4 to be retouched.


Bram S.

Wow, Ken! Thank you! That picture looks awesome! I've been doing well, I had a callback at the Agency today and it went fantastic! Thank you for all your hard work! I’m so happy with the headshots, as they've been opening a lot of doors for me. :) I still view our relationship as an ongoing one, and since my hair is getting longer, and my look is changing, I definitely plan on working with you again, and continuously, as time goes on. :) Thank you again! You're a badass!


Louislain C.

I always keep you in my thoughts for business and friend, you are the best photographer that I ever had in my career. Things are going great, as I'm planning for the next year soon to have another photo shooting with you!. Happy Halloween! :-)


Michael S

Dear Ken, I'm sure you get this all the time but let me echo the hoards of fans when I say that was probably the most relaxed and pleasurable shoot I've ever done. Lots of 'out of the box' choices for the website, but I also like the main shot for so much more, business cards and maybe a new headshot for the occasional acing job. Thanks for keeping it loose and creative.


Andy D.

Ken, I wanted to thank you again for the photos yesterday. I had such a great time, what a wonderful experience. A photo shoot coupled with a tour coupled with great conversation! I won't be able to really review them until I get home on Tuesday because I don't have a cd-rom with me, but from what I saw... 90 shots of goodness, there are going to be three that rock casting agent's worlds! Thanks so much, I'm very grateful!


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